CUB would like to wish SOS (Saving Our Sisters) the best of luck as it launches as an independent non-profit, and seeks its 501c3 status as a separate organization. CUB is pleased to have nurtured SOS under our non-profit umbrella for its initial 22-month start-up period.  Supporting SOS during this period allowed both organizations to work together toward the mutual goal of family preservation, and CUB and SOS both remain fully committed to this long-standing goal of family preservation. 

CUB, incorporated in 1976, supports all those coping with the effects of adoption by providing support, resources and referrals. SOS provides women with the resources they need to assist them in raising and protecting their children. 

When families have already been separated by adoption, CUB supports all affected family members in healing from the trauma, impact and consequences of separation.  CUB is proud to wish SOS the very best of success in its next leg of its exciting journey.


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